TRICON began operations in 1974 to fill a commercial and industrial real estate and property owners need for a water treatment and industrial chemical supply company that would provide excellent, reliable, and professional service – a company that was intent on doing the job right.

TRICON has expanded steadily over the years, diversifying into chemical manufacturing and distribution. The company now has main offices in Maryland, and in The District of Columbia and provides services nationwide.

At TRICON, we know that our continuing success depends on our consistent and vigilant response to the trust that clients place in us.

Why trust? TRICON provides services that deal with problems that are largely unseen by clients, that may manifest themselves years or months after a problem has begun, when water or chemical problems cause equipment failures, mechanical breakdowns, or unhealthy or unsightly situations.

TRICON tackles the unseen problems that arise anywhere water flows – in boilers, heating and cooling systems, fountains, pools, sewers, and drains. TRICON rids you of rust, corrosion, scale, algae, and microbiocides before they begin. We prevent problems that will cost you money.

TRICON is your chemical expert – maintaining customized safe and cost-effective chemical treatment and water cleaning programs that will free you from such worries as tenant complaints, costly equipment replacement, and the perils of inconsistent chemical programs in an industry where personnel are constantly on the move.

TRICON can provide you with all your chemical product and equipment needs.

We are proud that much of our work comes from referrals by satisfied customers, who know from experience that TRICON’s thorough professional approach is one that works best for their bottom line and peace of mind.

We have worked hard to achieve our growth and we are extremely proud of our company, our staff, and the services and products we offer. We are committed to continue to provide, and to increase, the range and quality of services and products to our clients in the coming years.

Ira A. Moss




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