Central Administration / Marketing

Contract Administration

Estimates and provides cost analysis. Reviews and administers all contracts – tracks renewals, and changes in types of service, equipment, and programs.


Oversees all corporate financial tracking and accounts.

In-house sales

Provide continuing sales service for existing clients – for new equipment or chemical orders.

Marketing and Sales

Sales engineers market and introduce customers to TRICON’s full line of supplies and services – chemical and mechanical. The sales engineers perform needs assessments for clients, provide system designs, set up programs for servicing clients and arrange training. They design new and customized client equipment and work with formulators in the development of new chemical solutions and products.


Installation supervisors direct all activities of TRICON’s equipment technicians. They supervise the entire equipment installation process, as well as major repair and reinstallations.

Customer service

Customer service representatives implement service programs and work with on-site engineers to provide monthly service and maintain chemical and mechanical programs – they take samples, perform minor repairs, conduct chemical tests, and adjust chemical dosages.

Manufacturing and delivery

The chemical department directs formulation and manufacturing of chemicals, and trains chemical mixers and blending technicians. Chemical mixers blend industrial water treatment compounds and specialty chemicals. Group leaders supervise tracking, delivery, and on-site storage of all chemicals.



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