TRICON began as, and continues to be, a service company. Its people and their talents are the corporation’s strength. Close management, constant attention to quality control, and a rigorous training process have ensured the company’s steady growth, by providing well-trained and qualified personnel to tackle each client’s problem. In addition, TRICON provides ongoing support to clients through continuing education and training programs.

In 1974, TRICON entered a market created by the real estate boom. Residential and commercial property were providing increasingly sophisticated controlled temperature systems – air conditioning, humidification, individualized room heating, and cooling systems. These systems quickly fell victim to problems – corrosion, scaling, bacterial buildup, all leading to system and equipment failure. Large chemical and manufacturing firms were not structured to service such a market. TRICON filled this need by offering total chemical and manufacturing expertise as well as customized approaches to each client’s problems.

Since TRICON answered a new market need, a trained pool of mechanical and chemical engineers for this market did not exist. TRICON quickly established a training program to fit the need, recruiting and training personnel with scientific and chemical backgrounds. From the beginning, the corporation was structured to customize programs and to respond quickly and effectively to client’s needs.



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