For a school system

Cold water and no heat were recurring problems for the city’s school children. TRICON was called in to survey the problem and found that an ineffective chemical water treatment program had led to scale and corrosion in the boilers and HVAC system. TRICON installed new chemical equipment for 6 schools, set up an effective water treatment program, and a monitoring and training program for in-house staff. Satisfied administrators have demonstrated their confidence – TRICON now provides water treatment programs for 54 schools.


For a library

A beautiful decorative fountain, with waterfalls and cascades, was plagued with slime and algae and sprayed water in every direction. It was both unhealthy and unsightly. TRICON designed a new equipment system and instituted a microbiological abatement program, performing tests and supplying a chemical program that took care of the problem.


For a bank

A large reflecting pool, the size of a basketball court, enhanced the office complex which surrounded a large bank. In the winter, it was enjoyed by ice skating rink. In the summer it became a reflecting pool, tempting waders in the heat. For the maintenance staff, it was a chemical nightmare. TRICON installed custom-designed chemical equipment, programmed to release three different biocides automatically, designed an in-house testing program, and a system of monthly monitoring.


For a large metropolitan city’s industrial waste water plant

Lime accumulation in the city’s water distribution processing plant was causing blocking and slowly constricting and clogging pipes, necessitating periodic expensive mechanical cleaning. TRICON custom-designed effective automated equipment that injected a polymer chemical into the distribution system to successfully eliminate this lime accumulation problem.


An apartment building

Tenants were increasingly irate at erratic domestic hot water supply. TRICON used chemical test and dyes to reveal that the hot water heater was dirty and leaking and mechanical equipment was not functioning properly. Again, TRICON took an integrated approach to the problem, using its chemical and engineering staff to resolve both the water treatment problems and the mechanical equipment malfunction.


For a restaurant

The heavy use of grease and cooking oils in restaurant kitchens guaranteed problems with odor and stopped drain systems. TRICON assembled and manufactured new equipment on-site that automatically injects grease dispersive hourly into the sewer system. TRICON’s solution was so effective that the program has been installed in 25 other locations.


An office building

Extensive floor damage was being caused by the overflowing air conditioning condensation drain system. Summer condensation along with accumulated lint, dirt, slime, and algae was clogging drainage. Again the TRICON solution combined chemical and mechanical expertise. TRICON developed a liquid nonacid drain cleaning compound, a microbiocide compound, instructions for mechanical equipment and installation – what to look for in equipment and how to install it – plus an in-house training and supervision program for the newly established chemical program.



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